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DDNS won't support a $ in the password

I am trying to setup dyndns on a PowerBeam running 8.5.4 firmware. Just trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong of if I ran into a bug with the firmware. Here is my ddns.conf

2WA.v8.5.4# cat ddns.conf
config service "ddns_1"
        option enabled       "1"
        option use_syslog    "1"

        option ip_source     "none"

        option service_name  ""
        option domain        "*****"
        option username      "********"
        option password      "*******$***"

        option force_interval   "0"
        option check_interval   "10"
        option retry_interval   "60"
        option retry_unit    "seconds"
        option retry_count   "3"
        option force_unit    "hours"
        option check_unit    "minutes"

When I try to run

 /usr/lib/ddns/ ddns_1 &

I get this output

force seconds = 0
check seconds = 600
time_since_update = 0 hours
Running IP check...
current system ip =
registered domain ip =
update necessary, performing update ...
updating with url="http://********:*******"
Connecting to (
-                    100% |*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************|     7   0:00:00 ETA
Update Output:

update complete, time is: Thu Jul 12 15:44:31 CDT 2018

So the password that my customer is using for his dyndns has a $ as the 8th charectar out of 11.


The string that the Power Beam is  sending only sends the 7 charactars before the $


Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrect?


FYI, I set the DDNS info from the GUI and am troubleshooting from the CLI Man Happy



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Re: DDNS won't support a $ in the password

@UBNT-AL can you take a look at this one please?
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Re: DDNS won't support a $ in the password

@UBNT-SNKand @UBNT-AL have you been able to determine if this is infact a bug? I could pass that along to our customer and see if he can use a different password if that is the case.

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Re: DDNS won't support a $ in the password

Thank you guys for the report.


This seems to be a bug as

user: m$:m$ is correctly escaped in the final URL:

updating with url=""

But if the dollar sign is used in the middle, the string is shortened inappropriatelly.

example: m$1:m$1 produces the following request:

We are hoping to either fix this in future releases.