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M2HP vs Unifi Outdoor

The AirOs based M2HP should be better as an outdoor access point than the unifi Outdoor unit correct?

I have one of each and in testing the Unifi devices are doing far better for range which makes no sense to me the M2HP is more powerful with nearly a mile in range supposedly. I have not converted the M2HP to Unifi firmware just set it up as an access point bridged mode per their video instructions.

Any thoughts?

We are testing these but want to try to use them outdoors to cover a long scrip of single story motel rooms.

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Re: M2HP vs Unifi Outdoor

You don't say, but I assume the 'M2HP' you
describe is a PicoStation M2.

UniFi includes the monitor/client control/
'hotspot' features not found on AirOS radios.
If you need those and want a Ubiquiti radio,
UniFi is your only choice.

If you want to provide WiFi inside a model
room, ceiling-mount (indoor) UniFi is best.
If you kludge some kind of an outdoor setup,
the choice depends on the coverage area.
Neither PicoStation nor outdoor UniFi is good
for this, because they are omnidirectional.

An outoor directional radio pointed at the unit
is a relatively poor choice. For that, the only
UniFi radio is outdoor UniFi with an AirMax
sector antennna. Dave

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