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Nanobeam 5ac 9

hi! i need help to configure 2 nanobeam stations.  


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Re: Nanobeam 5ac 9

Great! What kind of help?   Dave

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Re: Nanobeam 5ac 9

We need more details on your request. What are you trying to do?

Your question is so general it is like saying; I need help getting to where I want to go.” Are you walking, driving, flying, or taking a bus?

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Re: Nanobeam 5ac 9

@ajaure78  Please feel free to post more details here or contact our support team - HERE

Ubiquiti Networks airMAX Support Team

Check out our ever-evolving Help Center for answers to many common questions!

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Re: Nanobeam 5ac 9

You should have a look at the Support section:

Here is one article from there that may be of help:
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