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RocketM2 Network role SOHO mode

Hi all, a newbie question re the RocketM2 AirOS SOHO router mode. Can anyone explain the SOHO router vs router mode vs bridge mode I now see in the AirOS. I just am starting to use the RocketM2. In the non M2 product (ie Bulet2HP) I was just using Wireless Mode: Access Point; and Network Mode: Bridge Mode; and connecting the AP to the ISP supplied router. I would use a static IP for the Bridge IP Address that matched the ISP DHCP router settings. I am not familiar with the new modes. My scenario is 3 WiFi access points for a campground for about 25 concurrent connections each. The RocketM2 with the dual polarity omnis should work great at about 15 feet off the ground and the campground is set up in three circular patterns each having the furthest point for connection at about 600 feet, power for the Rockets is on a pole dead center in each pattern (what luck!) Using EOP to get the ISP connection to each RocketM2. Rockets will be set for the three non overlapping channels. Using the existing ISP supplied router, I will be connecting each Rocket to a LAN port of the ISP supplied business class 8 port router. The site has a static IP. What would be the best configuration to use, Bridge, Router, Soho Router and a quick explination of why would also help. I also want to be able to use the port forwarding on the ISP supplied router to get at the stats on the three Rockets.

Thanks all, this fourm is great and thanks to all the people that help.
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Re: RocketM2 Network role SOHO mode

George, this is a lot of stuff; consider paying
a consultant for setup--more than dinner! Dave

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