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Can not get any connection with airRouter

Hi everyone,

I just received our airRouter and went through the setup procedure. I can not get any internet connection, even from the LAN port.

We have a fiber optic connection, with no real modem, just an ethernet cable that attaches to our router. We had a CISCO router that kept dropping the connection. I plugged it back into the ethernet cable and it worked (poorly as it did before), but the airRouter does nothing.

I CAN go through the logon process for the wireless and it shows a good connection, but still no internet connection at all.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!!!
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Re: Can not get any connection with airRouter

Your fiber optic connection has a modem in
its termination device.

I believe you want the AirRouter to be in
'SOHO Router' mode. Its WAN will be the
Ethernet cable to the fiber, and the LAN
is on the LAN ports and the wireless.

Be sure to set the WAN to 'DHCP client'
mode, so it will acquire an IP address. Dave

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Re: Can not get any connection with airRouter

Thanks Dave... I went and checked my settings and that is what I have. Tried rebooting and resetting everything. Still no connection - not with LAN cable or wireless. The little "surfer guy" light does not light up.

I think this might be something minor, but it is frustrating.
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Re: Can not get any connection with airRouter

Try changing the setting from SOHO to Router. Worked for me.