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Firmware v6 and https loop

Upgraded a brand new airRouter HP to the v6 firmware via the online upgrade inside the Web UI.


This looked like it was successful, but when it prompted to relogin, it is stuck in a loop to accept the self signed certificate, I click accept and the dialog just reappears.


I have done a reset and I can get in vis SSH to the default IP where it says the version is 6.0


(I know... a .0 release fault... should have read the dialog more carefully.)


I need some help to fix or turn off https via SSH commands.



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Re: Firmware v6 and https loop

Experiencing the same issue too. Experiencing the issue with Windows 7, Google Chrome and Firefox. Apparently the issue doesn't appear for people on Windows 10 on Chrome. What's the issue with the cert and v6? It's impossible to get the login page of a default unit with no special SSL setup at all, just stock firmware!

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