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L2TP client behind AirRouter not working!!

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Hello, I've a new user of the Ubiquity products. Have to say that i'm pretty impressed how the Unify AP's and EdgeRouter and Toughswitch works. I've now invested in an AirRouter for my home. Now when trying to connect to the network behind the EdgeRouter I was hoping to use L2TP. It seems though that my new and shiny AirRouter doesn't support that. I had to fallback to PPTP. When are the plans for implementing this in the product. I previously used DD-WRT on a linksys which worked just fine.


Can this be promoted to a feature request?

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Re: L2TP client behind AirRouter not working!!

Can anyone answer the question?
Is the L2TP function implemented for the Ubiquiti AirRouter in new firmware?
(actual for April 2018)