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communication between the AirRouter and Bullet M2 and both using PoE

I am looking into a new router for my boat and I’m considering the AirRouter as my new access point. But I think I have a dilemma. My current configuration on my boat is a Lynksys router with a DC power adaptor and my WAN port is connected to my Bullet M2 acting as a Station which is on an antenna post outside the vessel attached to an Omni antenna for greater distance. And of course the Bullet is using PoE. So my question is how do you connect the AirRouter which is also uses PoE to the Bullet. Is there some special PoE adaptor I need to purchase in order for the communication between the AirRouter and Bullet to work?

My hope is to only have a POE injector be the only thing plugged into the DC and everything else be using the Ethernet cord and free up a DC plug inside the salon.