New Home Setup v2

by 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

My new setup.


Switched out my EdgeRouter POE for the Edgerouter 6p.

Added Cloud Key Gen 2 

Added Edgeswitch 8 POE as well. (since the edgerouter can't run the AP's :-()


Running 2 G3 camera's.

Also running AC-Pro and a AP-HD


10gb on the TP-Link goes to Server and my desktop. Other 2 are LACP to my NAS.


Any suggestions on replacing the TP link with a Unifi Switch? I need at least 4 10gb ports (sfp+) and POE to run camera/AP's?

Also needs to be quiet.



oldrack.jpgOld Setup


oldrack2.JPGOld Setup 2 10gb switch


rack2.jpgNew Setup




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2 weeks ago

Nice setup ... did you get your power free or have you pay for it ?

2 weeks ago

I pay for power but it's not a concern :-) My main machine runs a 2080ti and 3 4k monitors.

Last months bill was around $90 USD. 

2 weeks ago

90 $ ? wow thats double i got in a four person house ... in that case I understand


Nice and clean Setup. Great Job.