Our Home-Business Network

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For our home-business network, we went from a consumer grade all-in-one unit with a flat network topology to a mixed Edge and UniFi network with a "router on a stick" topology.  Loving the network so far.


Server Rack from top down:

  • Windows 10 desktop
  • Mac Mini
  • KVM switch
  • EdgeRouter 4
  • EdgeSwitch 24 Lite
  • OBi200 VoIP unit
  • Raspberry Pi (Pi-hole and NUT server)
  • Cloud Key Gen1
  • 2U drawer for network tools and stuff
  • Synology DS218+ with 2 x 2TB WD Red drives in RAID 1 (runs OpenVPN server)
  • Arris SVG2482AC cable modem (bridge mode and no longer using the voice feature)
  • CyberPower 1000AVR UPS
  • Tripp Lite 14 outlet power strip with surge suppression (back side of rack)


Basement IC Panel:

  • UniFi US-8 (the one PoE port powers our UAP-AC-PRO)
  • Monoprice 12 port ethernet patch panel
  • PCT MA28PN 8 port coaxial splitter with amplifier
  • Surge supressing power strip


One UAP-AC-PRO provides good coverage on both bands to our 2700 sqft, 2 story home even down in the 1500 sq ft unfinished basement.  Stick built home with drywall walls and pretty open floor plan.  YMMV, of course.


Our ISP is Comcast, with 250 down and 10 up service.  Getting about 230 down and 8 up via WiFi even with QoS setup on the ER-4 (Smart Queue).


YouTube videos from Crosstalk Solutions and Willie Howe were very helpful in getting the newtork configured.


This article was helpful in setting up my VLANs























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Cross talk solutions and Willie Howe are both awesome sources of information. Very Sweet set up. Good work!

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Very nice setup. Good Work!


quick question are you doing inter vlan routing or just layer 2 vlan 




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@awirelessYes, I am doing inter-VLAN communications.  The Business and Private WiFi VLANs can communicate with the Shared Devices and Security System VLANs. This article was helpful in setting up my VLANs