EdgeRouter 4 with Cisco switch

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0E805F33-07CE-463A-8133-A0CB37CBE881.jpegFiber optic link between EdgeRouter ER4 and Cisco switch


9DB3513B-CBFD-4B42-8FE9-1A567485793E.jpegEdgeRouter ER4


437B1546-91C7-4CB4-8979-BA49D7D5D6D9.jpegEdgeRouter ER4


C787B742-F279-4439-AAC5-31EF24A43D85.jpegMy servers - DC, file and media server

My ER4 handling traffic to two servers (Domain Controller and Media/File Server ) + VPN. Also UniFi controller running on a server and two UniFi AP AC Pro.

Environment partially virtualized.

3 VLANs plus separate port for Lab network.

All put in a nice 42U rack with 2 battery backups.

Everything works just perfectly fine.

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