My Edgerouter's X home network

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These is my home network.

A year ago I heard about ubiquiti networks and I started learning about it. First of all, say that it´s for me the best networking brand of the market nowadays. I have an EdgeRouter X that has been working for a year with no isssues. It´s fully programmable and really powerful. 

My Network:

Internet comes via fiber (speed: 100/100mbps) to an ONT provided by my ISP.

Then, an ethernet cable comes into eth0 of my Edgerouter.

Eth0 is configured with PPPOE to connect to my ISP.

My lan is divided into 3 VLANs:

 VLAN 30- for my network devices, wireless or cable. -

 VLAN 20- for a Vesta CP server that I have hosting some webpages. -

 VLAN 10- for a separate network unique for guest clients. -


I also have the router hosting a PPTP VPN server for my personal use when I'm outside.

I have a raspberry PI 3B+ that is hosting UNMS with docker and also a restreaming server used for a proyect in which I'm now inmersed.

In my LAN, I also have a Synology NAS that is hosting some backups, files and so.

I have 3 dlink gigabit switches around my house to provide high speed internet to my pc's, smart tv's and access points.

All these networking gear is mounted in a little closet.

To protect these devices from cuts on electricity, I bought an UPS that can stay with reserve mode for at least 20 minutes.

I'm waiting for new unifi ap's and some other ubiquiti gear. I wish they come soon.


These all I wanted to say, Regards to all the viewers.

















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on ‎04-03-2019 03:15 PM

That 80mm fan you have on the RPI is NOT enough.

The PI will over heat and burn down the whole place! 

You must put a 200mm fan on it!



You could also throw a couple of USB external HDDs onto that PI and use SAMBA for some file shareing as well..

on ‎04-04-2019 12:57 PM

Hi @demonmaestro .

Thanks for your reccommendation. But for my raspberry is enough with that 80mm fan. It only reaches temperatures of 31/35 degrees celsius. Also a 200 mm fan will be really big for the raspberry case.


on ‎04-04-2019 06:01 PM

@tendnetworks I was trying to be funny about it. But anyways I think the 80mm fan is still OverKill for the RPI.

Keep up the awesome work!

a month ago

@demonmaestro I'm all in favor of water cooling the pi. Ruin's the flavor, but guaranteed to prevent burning.


@tendnetworks In all seriousness, that's a neat tech cubby you've got there!

4 weeks ago

Love it! The blue light really does cause the internet to move faster.