Bye bye SoHo WiFi, welcome to Entrepise UniFied WiFi (Hospitality)

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Hi dear friends!


Our latest install in Hotel La Luna Blanca, a japanese style hotel boutique with 14 rooms located at Torremolinos, Málaga. Spain.


Well, this client has been one the hardest to convice of the benefits of an UniFi upgrade. The owners had been suffering from WiFi problems since internet has been considered as a quality amenity in the hospitality market.


They started having a satellite Internet service with 6MBs with a 1600 ms ping and a simple network with one modem-router, 3 SoHo AP. Then they had a ADSL service with 3MBs/256kbs. You could imagine that WiFi service never worked properly and reception handled dayly customer complaints.  As we started this post, it has been hard enough to convince them about the benefis of UniFi because they have gone through a lot a WiFi issues asking IT people. Everyone who was asked gave the client a different solution, all them, of course based in home line devices.


So we offered them a very simple solution:


1 -  Improve first bandwidh with unlimited 4G service or WiMAX ISP. They got 4G unlimited with 60Mbs/20Mbs.

2 -  A good pro router to handle all the network with adapted traffic rules. In this case, Mik*****.

3 -  5 UniFi ST 2.4Ghz please to cover 14 rooms and common area. Uninstall those SoHo APs.

4 -  Talk to their ISP and get Fiber Optic as soon as possible. They got 300MBs/30MBs it this week so 4G service has been cancelled!


There we go with some install pics:



la foto 2 (Large).JPGBye bye SoHo devices, please say Hello to UniFi


image_14.jpegWell... my friend, you don´t belong here anymore...

image_17.jpegOk, WiFi was not very good, but we have to advice customers...

image.jpegOur friend Mr Javier, staff of Luna Blanca Hotel, supporting us in the whole install

image_2.jpegOpss! Sorry...Perdón Sir!

image_20.jpegCable passing...

image_21.jpegThis starts making sense now...i like it!

03.jpegNeat and clean! I do like it know!

01.jpegWell done!


image_26.jpegThis one looks nice as well

Estadísticas Tráfico Finales.pngGreat look of V5 controller. 17 clients just connected in the first hour of new WiFi running...They had a real need to upgrade WiFi hardware!

la foto 1.PNGBandwidth per device with Fiber Optic ( traffic rules applied)

Habitacion.jpgA look at one of the japanese styled rooms...



As you see UniFi was the best solution for this scenario. Hope you enjoy our story!

Thank you friends! Muchas gracias!

Regards from Málaga, Spain.

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Awesome writeup.  And I can't believe they balked at upgrading, just from that one "before" picture alone.  They must be very happy indeed with the much cleaner install now!

on ‎06-18-2016 12:07 AM

very fine

look good in relation to the old



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@EricE @Djursland01 Thanks for your comments!


As my friend @sjpnetwork says "just because you are on IT it doesn´t mean you follow best practices".


Regards from Spain


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@mikrotikagp - I'm not surprised.  There's so much misinformatin out there, especially in the Small/Medium Business (SMB) market.  That's why when I eventually retire from my current job, I may go back into business doing SMB support.  Pick only the customers I'm willing to tolerate Man Happy and build up over time.  I have no doubt within a few years once I get known I'll have more business than I know what to do with.  Just such an increadible need for honest, reliable tech support for small businesses.  It's crazy.  

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on ‎06-20-2016 09:17 AM

Great story, thanks for sharing!

on ‎06-20-2016 03:41 PM

Thanks @Deleted Account and @EricE four comments again!


@EricE We love our job and we do whatever is in our hands to fulfill our clients need. Honesty is a must in this business. There is a lot of missinformation and professional intrusion in this field.


We had another install last year. The owner of the hostel was really sure that all his problems were because of lack of bandwidht...that´s what the company who installed those APs told him.

Right now he is having the same ISP and the same bandwidht...but cero WiFi problems! Magic? No...just applying good hardware and proper knowledge.


Please, I invite you to have a look: UniFi on Hostal la Hispanidad


Regards from Spain

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Clean instalation Ubnt Banana