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Thanks Webnetvn, I'm enjoying messing around with everything, learning more all the time.


To follow up on the Cameras. 


We weren't 100% sure we would ever see much with the Cameras, but within a matter of days of the install being complete we caught some local kids planning there next attack on a local garden, our family members garden next door.


We have had a problem in the local area with 3 or 4 kids during the summer school holidays (7 weeks) getting bored and getting up to mischief, they don't seem to be stealing or breaking into peoples homes, just going into the yards and destroying gardens, ornaments and yard furniture, well the family member who lives next door to us has spent considerable hours and money setting up a magnificent garden, little didi these kid realise I had setup 2 Cameras to watch over her house (She asked me a few months ago about getting cameras for her house because she was worried about the kids getting into her yard, this way her house is being watched constantly and she doesn't have to worry about running or maintaining the camera system.)

We caught the kids on the 2 cameras, going into her yard, it looked like they were planning there next attack, pointing things out, kicking a few trees, no real damage, it just looked like a scouting run.

Perfect HD video of the little darlings in action, footage saved, the neighbour went visiting some parents in the last few days, at first the parents don't believe it's there kids, but when the printouts come out of the kids being where they shouldn't be, well, let's just say the looks on the parents faces is priceless! (I went along with her as a bodyguard/backup/witness) 

We are so happy with the performance of the system we have decided to add 2 more Camera's into the mix, the UniFi video system isn't perfect, but bang for the buck it is better than we hoped, and in this case it has now saved another local Garden from being smashed up and destroyed,