Little home setup! (Telenet digicorders)

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Howdy folks!


Here to tell you what a big fan i am about Ubiquiti's equipment!

This house was built in 2010, which in Belgium means...very very thick insulated walls...
All insulation in the house also two layers of tin foil laminated on it.

All good for the heating bills!

But awful for anything that requires a wireless signal!


So after going many different brand of routers with built in wifi ap's,
I finally educated myself enough to learn that consumer grade solutions are horrible and full of blatant lies...

I eventually stumbled across Ubiquiti, spent many days just watching various youtube channels that explain every single bit and bot of them....i knew this was the solution for someone who's between the lower middle of noob and pro.. Like me!


Each room in this house has a single Ethernet jack, and sadly our ISP (telenet Belgium) Requires their setup boxes to be hooked directly trough WAN, as they require an IP from the ISP's DHCP server.


So the US 24 was the perfect main switch!

And cheapo Netgear GS105E's as little switches to split the home network from the ISP setop boxes!


Set up a few ports in VLAN 200, this vlan will be hooked to the modem, so that anything in that VLAN is controlled by the ISP's DHCP server.


So i then hooked up the USG'S WAN port to VLAN 200, so that it can get a wan IP.

Then i hooked up the USG's LAN1 port to VLAN1 on my switch, so that anything on that side of the switch is controlled by the USG!


Rooms with a setop box will have a little Netgear switch, that will split the setop boxes to VLAN 200 and the other ports to VLAN 1. And then trunking it towards the US24.



I've also been very very suprised at the great range and preformance of the AP AC lites!

The unifi controller is amazingly user friendly, and i love how everything is so fancily laid out!


It's nothing fancy, but it kept me amused Man Happy







My apologies for the poor English, it's not my native language.




rackmounted the switch Man Happy





{"location":{"title":"Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium","placeId":"ChIJOdrUKOFZwUcRhgEymux9Gvs"},"addedProducts":[{"id":"unifi-ac-lite","count":3},{"id":"unifi-cloud-key","count":1},{"id":"unifi-security-gateway","count":1},{"id":"unifi-switch-24","count":1}],"solved":"","numbers":"","description":"Telenet modem\nUnifi US24 for vlan capability\nNetgear G105E for cheap vlan trunking\nUnifi AP ac lites for cheap and very well preforming wifi ap's\nUSG for LAN","mainImage":"159922i4455BCF678739050"}

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good job. love the great setup you have there!

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Telenet sucks ! A coax-based network, high prices, low volume, poor service, old user interfaces and old equipment (US hand-me-downs). unfortunately they have a quasi-monopoly...

Good job using VLANs, must try it sometime.

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Yeah sadly Telenet has pretty much got a monopoly on COAX for a decade now...

Had to really complain just to get a modem only model, and not their weird all in one routers.

Are you also from Belgium?


Also update:

Bought a little rack enclosure to mount everything in Man Happy



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Can we get in contact somehow? Im also from Belgium and i would like to have a simular setup but i dont really know what to do with the telenet router and i dont want to screw things up, so....

Ps: ben een Belg

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Hello OP



Nice setup you have there! 

I'll be trying this out on a client setup that's having problems.

Are you able to use Yelo-TV with this setup?




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As long as the digiboxes have a direct wan connection to Telenet. It'll be able to communicate with your local setop boxes trough yelo TV. Man Happy

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Hello Garpenlov



Thanks for the reply. At the moment I made this setup:


Telenet Router:

# 1: Digibox

# 2: DMZ to USG -> Unifi Switch 24 port -> Clients


The problem is, whenever a client wants to view a recording, it gives an error. Will your setup help with this?

I've been contemplating of just using the Telenet Router to provide IP's to all of the clients/digiboxes and then use the USG to separate all the IoT/CCTV traffic into a separate VLAN.


Thanks for your time in sharing ;-)!


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Hi there,

I'm also from Belgium and looking for a home network solution using Telenet as ISP.
Is an Unifi USG necessary to get VLAN ups?

I want to have 5 zones in my network.
1 for digiboxes that is connected directly to the Telenet modem.
1 VLAN for IP Camera's

1 VLAN for Home automation
1 VLAN regular data network
1 VLAN guest data network

Is it possible to get this running with just an UniFi US-16-150W, that has VLAN tagging? Or do I really need that USG?


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It is not possible without a second router, but it doesn't have to be a USG. I have an other question must the second router be vlan capable?


Vlan 200 get IP from ISP. Vlan 1 get IP from USG. So I think you need at least a second router with a DHCP server to get a second network. The telenet gateway can't provide a second set of ip address. The telenet router only give the IP address 192.168.0.*** (for LAN) to the digibox and a second IP adres from telenet 10.******* for interactivity. the lan IP adres from the digibox is for DLNA what is not possible in this situation because there is now bridge between 192.168.0.*** and 192.168.1.*** and I think a bridge between those with mac adres table is not possible with an unifi switch . 


Is this system possible with an other router than the USG and must this router have vlan capability? (I'm sure it's possible with an other router but I'm not sure if it is possible with a router that have now vlan capabiltys.)

port 1-4 vlan 200 IP from ISP (telenet) (192.168.0.***), port 6- 24 vlan 1 ip adres from a router (192.168.1.***) that doesn't support vlan?


Do you setup vlan 200 in the unifi controler with ip range 192.168.0.*** and the vlan 1 is the default vlan?


Thank you for your post and help.