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It is not possible without a second router, but it doesn't have to be a USG. I have an other question must the second router be vlan capable?


Vlan 200 get IP from ISP. Vlan 1 get IP from USG. So I think you need at least a second router with a DHCP server to get a second network. The telenet gateway can't provide a second set of ip address. The telenet router only give the IP address 192.168.0.*** (for LAN) to the digibox and a second IP adres from telenet 10.******* for interactivity. the lan IP adres from the digibox is for DLNA what is not possible in this situation because there is now bridge between 192.168.0.*** and 192.168.1.*** and I think a bridge between those with mac adres table is not possible with an unifi switch . 


Is this system possible with an other router than the USG and must this router have vlan capability? (I'm sure it's possible with an other router but I'm not sure if it is possible with a router that have now vlan capabiltys.)

port 1-4 vlan 200 IP from ISP (telenet) (192.168.0.***), port 6- 24 vlan 1 ip adres from a router (192.168.1.***) that doesn't support vlan?


Do you setup vlan 200 in the unifi controler with ip range 192.168.0.*** and the vlan 1 is the default vlan?


Thank you for your post and help.