on ‎07-13-2018 11:55 PM

@verisarioc for events with multiple 100's of visitors we seldom see accumulated bandwidth usage higher than 1Mbps per visitor.  And those are peaks, mostly it's even less.


Client connection counts at a single moment of time are usually between 1/10th and 1/3th of the visitor headcount .


Reasons behind that could be that

- Many users still use their cellular 4G connection

- Many users devices are in wifi eco mode

- Not everybody is (up)streaming and definitely not at the same time

- Potential bandwidth hogging downstream services (like Youtube or Netflix) are not commonly used by people going to such an event.

- Clients are mostly smartphones.  There are no Macbooks with synchronizing iCloud drive Dyson'ing all bandwidth like there's no tomorrow 


Even more, we had 500-people events in the past where we forgot to activate bandwidth throttling.

Some of these events we even didn't put the guest portal leaving the network wide open for anybody who wanted to connect.

We were lucky and there were no real complaints.


I feel there are more important issues to address for such events than just plain bandwidth.  The HD and XG range certainly contributes to a successful deployment.


With a project like this, just good equipment doesn't guarantee success.  This one looked like it was extremely well prepared.  Thanks for sharing!