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Happy to reply to any question, it's the way to learn.
I'm also not an expert, always happy to get any recommendation or change proposal on my setup.

This "loop" was the easiest way to get acces to the management of the 2 nanobeam. As they are on the Wan port or the USG and not on the Lan, I wanted to to be able to manage and monitor them directly from the lan.

So i set the management lan of both nanobeam on VLAN 15, (internet data untagged and mgt on tagged vlan 15). the netgear port facing the USG WAN will forward only untagged data (internet data) and the port facing the US-8 will pass only the Vlan15 traffic (nanobeam management). So it not really a loop but looks more like a splitter Man Happy


Quite sure that there is a way to do it directly on the WAN of the USG, but don't wanted to deal with more routing on the USG and the Json files, was a bit in a hurry to find a way to manage the nanobeam so i used this method.

Also as the netgoear is POE, is used it to power the nanobeam, but was not his primary function. 



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