on ‎09-14-2018 06:54 PM

@OzPHB We don't have nbn yet as we're in an area covered by Optus HFC. The deployment has been pushed out by another 12 months, but ironically just as I finished off getting the UniFi gear up and running, a contractor pulls up the front of my house and puts on nbn vest and starts feeding a rope into the pit. They were still there a few hours later so I got chatting with them, and they were pulling rope through all the pits for the fibre rollout.

I have been on a 30Mbps download speed for the last 7 years, and I guess there is not many people using the cable in my street as it has never really given me any issues. Despite that, I called Optus 2 weeks ago to enquire about changing Cable plan to get a better price. Not only did they drop my monthly price, they upped my Cable speed to 100Mbps for free (instead of an extra $30 a month).


The nbn guys showed me the pit that feeds my house. We're getting FTTC, and the pit is only 10m from my house. I should not have any issues getting the maximum possible data rates, and if they ever decide to deliver a 1Gbps link, at least I know my Home network is ready :-)