on ‎09-14-2018 07:28 PM

@nellermann I debated whether I needed more than one AP in the house, but the problem was doing the wiring. It just made sense to run all the cable in one go, so I went for 2 AP's inside "just in case". I have not fine tuned them yet, so I do see some cases where you'll downstairs and the device will roam to the Upstairs AP, but for the most part it is all working as it should. What I like about the UniFi Ap's is that you can reduce the transmit power to suit the conditions.


The Backyard Mesh was added because of the brick wall stopping decent signal to the outside. It was impossible to stream music to the pool or outdoor area. When I check the Neighbouring Access Points, I pick up an awful lot of AP's in range of the Backyard AP, and lots of Dashcams as cars drive by! We plan to eventually put up a new outdoor entrainment area, so while I had the electricians crawling around inside the roof they wired up the oudoor AP for me, including an Ethernet Surge Protector. One bonus is that I can still get WiFi from the bus stop near my house.


I actually have a few spare cable runs that are just coiled up in the roof. They are already wired into the patch panel, but we haven't run them to a wall plate as yet. Likewise, I did extra cabling for TV antennas and Cable/Satellite TV just to ensure that I am future proofed.


I did get a little bit of eye-rolling from my wife about the 12RU cabinet. All she really cares about though is whether she can stream movies without getting buffering. I left enough space to add an NVR and cameras down the track, but the next purchase will be a NAS in a cabinet so that I have a central place for all devices in the house to backup. That will replace the old Firewire 800 direct attached storage I have at the moment.