on ‎09-21-2018 05:47 AM

Looks fantastic!  Love stories like this.

Just curuious where did you end up putting the cable modem?  I see a purple wire from the USG WAN port going somewhere -- to the cable modem but just curious how come the cable modem doesn't seem to be neatly in the rack with everything else or on the floor with his buddy the cloud key?


I put in a 8 camera unifi video for a friend with a pair of Nanobeams connecting garage we are monitoring to the house for internet.

Everything is great except a crappy Xfinity gateway with an orbi in router mode doubl-natted for internet.  All of my gear is on the wired connection to the xfinity gateway and that thing is the weak point of the whole setup.  Hoping to soon get a cable modem that is just a modem, add a USG for routing, and put the Orbi in AP mode to start.  Then when he's ready to invest more take advantage of his CAT-5 pre-wired and ditch the orbi and add a few unifi APs -- then the transformation will be complete much like yours!  Won't go overboard but in the process we will also likely move his cable modem and router and such from an office bedroom upstairs to the basement electrical panel area which is where all of the cat-5 is home run and cable comes in the house right there so no problem!


Maybe I'll do up a story -- it's a great blend of Unifi video, unifi switching, Unifi wireless, and a bit of Airmax too.