New house finishing up

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When we decided to build a new house, the first thing I discussed with my wife was the electronics - she was not interested and just told me to do 'whatever', so a year later - here we are about a week from moving in.  I find that most builders have no idea about smart systems and are still living in the dark ages about wiring and smart home configurations.  I hired a local company to run the wiring through the walls (I used to do it for a living and I'm too old to be crawling on rafters now) but everything in the picture (rack and other parts) are all done by me.


This house was built to facilitate a shop on the side so I wanted great coverage throughout.  We have (5) Unifi AC's as well as tons of CAT6 in each room for future add-ons.  These (2) 24 port switches also support (6) G3 cameras throughout the external part of the house (both garages internal) and just finished it off with a CloudKey Gen 2 Plus.


Cables are color coded:

Orange - interconnect (switches/gateway)

Yellow - G3 Cameras

Green - Unifi Access Points

Red - Cable Modem (not yet there)

Grey - NAS (not yet there)

Purple - CloudKey

Black - Upstairs

Blue - Downstairs


Some hardware parts list:

Wall-Mount Rack

2U Finger ducts for wiring

Vented Shelves

All patch cables from wall to rack were from FireFold and ship quick.

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD (Floor)


Some other features of the home include a Homeseer Server (going in the rack as well) and Homeseer Smart switches throughout the house.






floorplan-low-voltage - 5.17.2018_Page_1.jpg


floorplan-low-voltage - 5.17.2018_Page_2.jpg


floorplan-low-voltage - 5.17.2018_Page_3.jpg











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Congratulations and I hope you are enjoying your nicely designed "man's cave" and the pretty toys. 

Concerning you comment about builders, I fully agree with you. We bought a customs build home that was almost finished. When I asked the builder about the CAT cabling, he told me that RJ-45 points are for old fashioned people and now we enjoy "WIFI" and Verizon's Fios. The funny part was that the Quantum modem was located in the farest corner in the basement and was supposed to serve 3 levels.

Needless to praise the "Unifi" line of toys. I am moving now from "Arlo" video cameras to Unifi G3. Like to have my data in my server. I am moving from  'SmartThings" to my new Homeseer Server and have eliminated most "wifi" IOT's. The remaining WIFI and IOT devices are in their own VLAN and with the Unifi USG Pro and switches it was done in a breeze. For a non-technical guy a real success. My only grief is the lack of a silver painted Ubiquity server racks.


P.S. courtesy of @pengen, the solution

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Beautiful home setup!!! Do you have any more pictures?

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Just curious, why did you go for the in-wall punch-down blocks rather than standard 24-port or the wall-mount 12-port?
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I used to do datacenter build-outs with the punch down blocks you're talking about and my last job (for a buddy to get his setup) I used a block style - this is typically what they use for homes since they weren't sure where or how the rack was going to be mounted - since the cabling is done so early in the build, I didn't have the build out done in my head so I was fine with this type of wall mount - i could have put the cables through the hole in the bottom of the panel and out of the wall but left them - I'll just get a saw, cut a pass through from the door down so I can shut the doors.

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very neat setup.

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nice one

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Just curious if you share the information for the in wall punchdown blocks.   I have that same style in wall break out box,  However my method of terminating the ethernet was a little more kludgy.....   those in wall punchdowns would really help clean up my setup.


Great setup.

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Beautiful wiring!

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very nice setup..

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Thanks you ! buddy, i would like you adding another pictures about your setup ! best of lucks! from Ecuador


For anybody interested.

AirGuard 5" Round - 116-800-050.


That is for in wall penetration of the data cables. I found it by accident and its great!