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Congratulations and I hope you are enjoying your nicely designed "man's cave" and the pretty toys. 

Concerning you comment about builders, I fully agree with you. We bought a customs build home that was almost finished. When I asked the builder about the CAT cabling, he told me that RJ-45 points are for old fashioned people and now we enjoy "WIFI" and Verizon's Fios. The funny part was that the Quantum modem was located in the farest corner in the basement and was supposed to serve 3 levels.

Needless to praise the "Unifi" line of toys. I am moving now from "Arlo" video cameras to Unifi G3. Like to have my data in my server. I am moving from  'SmartThings" to my new Homeseer Server and have eliminated most "wifi" IOT's. The remaining WIFI and IOT devices are in their own VLAN and with the Unifi USG Pro and switches it was done in a breeze. For a non-technical guy a real success. My only grief is the lack of a silver painted Ubiquity server racks.


P.S. courtesy of @pengen, the solution