New Zealand School Deploys UAP-AC-EDU for BYOD Wi-Fi and Public Address System

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They were looking to upgrade to a more flexible, robust wireless networking solution for their students. As BYOD becomes ever more popular we needed a solution that could grow with the school. With this in mind, we set out to place one Access point in every classroom, throughout the school. The school consists of 11 Buildings (Image below) The building spread over a sizable area. 36 classrooms, including a gym, kitchen and workshops. All are single-story buildings.


Equipment list:

1 x UniFi Cloud Key
5 x UniFi Switch 16 POE - 150W
1 x UniFi Switch 8 POE - 60W
37 x UniFi AP-AC-EDU




Since they were going to put an access point in every room it made sense to go for the UAP-AC-EDU model so they could replace their aging Public Address System at the same time.  They are currently using he UniFi App for announcements, but the UAP-AC-EDU also has the added benefit of being able to use SIP to announce through their VoIP PBX, which they plan to upgrade to in the future.


“We now have the ability during emergency situations for our principal to communicate directly with staff in the classrooms and teaching spaces. As Network administrators we have a great web interface that is easy to understand, use and control our Wireless network.”- Network Admin


In a box Install.JPG



"We highly recommend UniFi for school network deployments. The installation has allowed us to create a robust wireless network as BYOD becomes a major part of New Zealand Schools. It gives the Senior Leadership team the ability to talk directly to the whole school in emergency situations, such as lock-downs, fire drills, etc." - Matt Evans - Head of IT







{"location":{"title":"2 Denchs Rd, Waimakariri, Rangiora 7400, New Zealand","placeId":"ChIJF-cga4KUMW0RIDZq-Xy2DmM"},"addedProducts":[{"id":"unifi-ac-edu","count":37},{"id":"unifi-cloud-key","count":1},{"id":"unifi-switch-16-150w","count":5},{"id":"unifi-switch-8-60w-b","count":1}],"solved":"","numbers":"","description":"","mainImage":"182998iCB9C5A720286051A"}

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dang thats a nice loud is it?

a month ago

The speakers can be turned up loud enough that they can't be ignored.  It does help that the school has a very talented janitor who made all the wooden mounting systems.  We also use them in our own warehouse for alerts as well. 


Also because the UAP-AC-EDU now supports SIP, we helped another school use them with their IP PBX’s wakeup service and scheduled all the bell calls for start, finish and break times. This replaced their old bell system.


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That is awesome. Nice to see another school using Ubiquit EDU's for the classroom. We rolled a few out in December at CCGS and in the last 2 weeks started using them for internal bell times.

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I just finished a similar deployment with 37 AP-UAC-EDU's as well connected via SIP.


My only complaint is that when calling a classroom directly there is no notification of an incoming call or notification beep that its been autoanswered.


Does anyone else have this problem?

3 weeks ago

A)Noice! I like those mounting systems.


B)Where's the patch panel in that rack?

3 weeks ago

Patch panels are just above the racks, they were existing and are small as they only feed two or three class rooms each. It was all installed by the schools IT teachers. 


They had a very talented janitor do the hardware installs.