Fitness Center Upfit

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Most of our network installs are upgrades of existing networks. This was a full build out from shell space through final construction. It was for a fitness center - but not your normal gym where you come and workout. Instead they have full time trainers running classes all day and clients wear Bluetooth/ANT heartrate monitors which track their workout and also update 65" screens in realtime. They also have TVs in each area listing the given workout set for the given class (which will vary for things like weights, TRX straps, Plyo, etc.) 


About 3/4 of the space was the gym area which went up to the building ceiling. Then about a 1/4 of the area was dedicated to the lobby, bathrooms, office, telcom closet, and showers. This thankfully had a drop ceiling and allowed for VERY easy wiring:

IMG_20180519_134601.jpgJ-Hooks made this so easy to cable

The electricians had run conduit to most areas that needed network access - but only up above the ceiling. So we used J-Hooks to gather up and route everything back to the telcom closet.  Given the distances - they used flex conduit (which you can see above) to reach the two back TV locations. Those runs ran along the outside walls of the gym to reach the two back corners (the telcom closet is near the middle of the space) - so that was fun running those! But there was no conduit access for the UniFi Video cameras, so we had to run cables to those - we got creative with some of the pull boxes used for the TVs/Bluetooth receivers. You can see the extra feeds coming out the side:




This box was also a mount point for one of the three Bluetooth receivers that would monitor the heartrate monitors in realtime. The monitors were PoE circuit boards mounted to a double gang white nylon faceplate. In order to improve reception, given the huge metal HVAC ducts, we used a short length of conduit from this box's faceplate to another box with the receiver mounted on it to get the radios below for full 'visibility' of the floor:




You can see one of those ducts right next to the receiver. 


The color scheme of the facility was blue/red with a black band painted on the upper 3ft or so of wall, which helped 'hide' all the stuff in the ceiling (HVAC, Electrical Conduit, etc) that was all painted black. So the client wanted black cameras Man Happy. Thankfully Ubiquiti includes extra clear domes with each Dome Camera! We sacrificed two of them and painted the cameras black without hurting the internal camera. You can't even see the cameras unless you look hard for them (especially since the square LED lights are mounted even with the bottom of the black band so the ceiling is pretty dark. We used six cameras and one of the newer 2TB NVRs. The client LOVES the easy to use UniFi Video app.


As always happens in jobs like this - you have mixups between contractors. In this case the conduit for the front counter was too small for the number of network cables we needed to put up there for the checkin PCs, VoIP phones, and printer. So we used a small UniFi switch under the counter and some finger raceway to hide the cabling for the counter above:image-20180520_215605.jpg



The front counter was gorgeous - and we found some nice monitor mounts from Amazon that fit very well on the granite counter top, making for a clean neat install:






The telcom closet was small, but mainly dedicated to the network cabinet. The only trick was there was a sprinkler head RIGHT above it, which meant a number of tense moments doing some last minute wiring/setup since they got pressurized early in the process. All the wiring routes to a hole above the ceiling behind it and down to the cabinet:




The facility has 3 networks. The main LAN for the facility PCs, printers, and the Chromecasts (which the PCs cast to). A devices network for things like the Bluetooth receivers, staff phones, the VoIP phones, and other IoT things. And a Public WiFi network using the guest portal functionality. Being able to throw up their logo on the connect screen then redirect to their website - they love that.


The facility has 6 large screen TVs. Two in the lobby are dedicated to informational displays driven by Chromecasts. The four in the gym are connected to an HDMI 4x4 matrix and CAT6 extenders so they can route a variety of content to any TV. Currently it has Chromecasts and a spare input on it. Long term plans call for hooking a media server of some type up so the TVs can show example exercises. The heart rate tracking system is designed to push the real time information over a casted Chrome tab, through the matrix, and out to two of the TVs. It looks slick from the gym floor (show simultaneously on two TVs - they're about to add a third):




You can see one of the bluetooth receivers in the upper right corner.


Given the owner used to work for Cisco - he was fairly well versed in IT and has been very impressed with all the UniFi gear we installed as well as the management. We even created him a read-only account on his site's instance on our controller so he could poke around and look at things. 



I've never belonged to a gym in my life - could never get myself to go do it regularly. But the interactive nature of this setup plus having trainers pushing you every time - been going twice a week since they opened! Win win!

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 Great setup! Looked like a lot of fun. I had installed a system similar in a high school, district of 6 buildings. Each with their own gym for students. All students were able to wear the bands and get up to date feedback on 55" TVs around the Gyms, workout rooms and other training areas. This gets everyone more involved in working out for sure!

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Love the setup. Never been to a fitness gym in my life, so I have never seen a system like that before. Great job!

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accomplished goal, Congratulations thanks for a complete details,  please tell me, how long you working on that project! and how much does cost it? just workforce

thanks in advace for you reply and best of luck!  from Ecuador!


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Nice setup and a really neat install!  I love to see those.


I really need to get some J clips like that - various poeple have pulled cable over the years and it’s just laying on top of the ceilings.  Lots of clean up work to do Man Tongue

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That looks awesome


@EricE.  I am one of those guys you are cleaning up after Man Happy


sanenr - I don't recall exactly. Think it took a couple weeks, but we weren't there 8 hours a day.


EricE - search for 'icc hook' on Amazon:


They have a huge selection and they're fairly inexpensive. We oversized the hooks a little to allow for future additional wiring (mostly 2" hooks with 1 1/4" hooks on the remote runs) We also used a cable comb to get the bundles nice and neat:


It can be a PITA to work through but you get the hang of it and it looks SO much better.


The comb allows you to add in wires by slipping the yellow ring off. Which is awesome because you start from the far ends working your way to the closet and add in wires as you reach splits. We used cable ties to hold the bundle together but made sure not to over tighten them and affect cable performance. Could have used hook/loop straps too. Once you go through the hassle of hanging the hooks around the ceiling edges it made running cables SO easy.


They even make a hook that will hang onto drop ceiling wires. Though check your local codes - some don't permit that. And speaking of code - the main reason codes disallow cables just laying on the ceiling grid is if firefighters have to pull the ceiling down - they aren't hit with a mess of (possibly melting) wiring. Interesting side note - this install used the new 2'x2' LED light squares (which are incredibly cool). Basically a 2x2 light up ceiling tile. They're incredibly thin (like 1/4") and lightweight. They sit in the grid like a tile. Inspectors made electricians install a ceiling wire to each light fixture so if the ceiling was pulled down, the LED lights would stay suspended and not fall with the ceiling. Things you wouldn't normally think of!