Networking per floor

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 Ownership requires Cat 7 cabling on three floors, each with a Unifi Access Points



Property needed for three floors, a cable bound network and to access point per floor

Local wiring must be laid cable 7 with 50 meters of CAT, the floors are provided there in each case with a network can, THUS, each floor Receives an access point


smart solution

50 meter CAT cable 7 in his transfer divided on three floors

As always, everything is different than you think ... because new well and good, denoch owners and smart It could tell by the electrician in Which meant well only in, but "the power cables in the tubes to run through " other cables were verkanntet everywhere.

No way the strands to pull times just by. THUS went half a day on it for nothing again, but by arrangement and considerations, it went with a Bauhaus product of a 9 mm thick solid wire on.

Meanwhile, the basement networking and the preparations for the installation which Carried out by smart IT, holes drilling for the peripherals, routers settings etc.

For better end everything in the open field and all three Unifi Access Points running properly on the network!

Keep it up - and like always ...

work in today's six hours was back teaching Empire and was fun ...




with three floors in its integration of meter 50 CAT 7 - so ...
400 meter cable line for 0 and 1



goes from the Pattere in the trek to the basement, so the complete installation at a central point!


landed UFO`s ...

Access Point`s in your UFO variant of the brand " Unifi "



nor the three-Access Point`s in your configuration


Smart IT has established with us the home network for our house (3 floors)

The company has immediately of understood what we wanted and need and very Quickly presented us a good view from our offer.

Everything went really well (AZ). The Necessary material has ordered Smart IT and have it delivered directly to us (we had to pay only after completion). Dates were always respected. On each business day, we received a reminder of smart IT thatwill come to XX PM. Although cable had to be laid and drilled, the house was left clean after successful work. From our perspective, we can only recommend this extremely competent company.


German solution Implementation in your own home









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Shoddy installation and english.. Smiley Frustrated

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i am still wondering why that FAT orange utp cable    ofc. it will never gonna fit in the wall  i asume youre also pulling hard on it becouse it will stuck all around...


Grab a thinner cable and it will slide around

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Great comments,

The installation in Germany is running smoothly

  (100 MBIT) and please omit the "SUPER" comments...

Even in English there is no master fallen from the sky yet...
( I haven't needed it for 20 years !!!)

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( ) no google used ;D



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Please tell us you didn't leave the PoE injectors on the wall/floors near the APs.


They are injectors, you can inject anywhere, even on the other end (basement).


Thanks for sharing

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I hope you mean 100MB from your isp   if thats in the building you need to redo it all i guess   its now possible to go on 10GB on a cable

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@PsychoticNL Those are ols uap's they only have a 100MB network interface and N wifi. 

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In Germany, 12 mm to 20 mm gauge pipes are usually laid in the walls ...
in a 12 mm empty pipe one gets just such a CAT7 cable through, with two it becomes already narrow, unless one takes the 10mm x 5 mm special CAT7 flat ribbon cable

(implemented customer installation : in this installation was used plus special lubricant for cables 




I think we're talking at cross purposes here! Man Very Happy

The line (Germany) is meant VDSL 2 wire with 100 MBit ...

The AP`s three set AC Lite

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Ac lites do not come in sets of 3 only single or 5, these are old uap's with only n, 100mbt networking and probably it is not the pro model so no 5.8ghz.
Look at the led color it is green the ac devices are blue.

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Hello,I get it...

The customer had ordered these himself...
Old threesome pack in Ufo Green ...