Upgrade to a sleek cooler designed network

by 3 weeks ago

So I upgraded my network and thought i'd post some pics of the build and end result , firstly how it was before i started the Rack








Then during clean up and adding new gear and sorting cable to be more efficient and easier on cooling fans to be install in roof of rack 

56018003594__D87EB4C5-3D99-4497-9E4A-BA5DB7784E28.jpgprepping for a new slimmer 48 port patch panel








IMG_0052.jpgTop fans above cables leading into patch panel


IMG_0053.jpgCan see the top fans above patch panel

 was annoyed about the cloudkey just hanging ( pre-Cloudkey Gen2 announced ) as well as wanted a UAS-XG for steam caching which i still need to implement on the UAS-XG soon, So i ordered a UAS-XG Server , due to MB 10Gb heat issue upgraded fans with an additional and now get 10degrees lower 

IMG_0515.jpgcan see 90% of the MB here with cover off


IMG_0516.jpgcloser look at MB


IMG_0519.jpgCloser look at M.2 drive 120GB


IMG_0520.jpgall new fans x 4


IMG_0521.jpgthe additional one bringing cooler air in the front

 Once that was in and transfered of backup with i have detailed a post in the forum how to setup and upgraded etc , was time to clean up and setup a Philips hue light strip in the rack 












My current setup with 3 synology servers, 2 x UPS power backups , UAS-XG etc 

56633124763__58E58C1A-0912-444F-9564-3AFA7565A9C6.jpgMy current speed which is a combined 2 x wan speed ( trunked )


56726346944__49A4D729-5487-48AC-AD05-961EE1511D68.jpg2 x synology servers ( desktop versions ) on top with its own UPS to keep rack cooler at 27degrees Celcius



My internet comes directly into 2 x SFP VDSL modems profile 17b ( 120mb rated speeds , even though my line is 35b of 200MB down and 20mb up , waiting on 35b to ne more available like the Draytek Vigor 165 bridge modem or a new SFP module tht is 35b









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3 weeks ago

That is one sweet looking setup...Kudos a a job well done. 

3 weeks ago

>..:was annoyed about the cloudkey just hanging ( pre-Cloudkey Gen2 announced ) as well as wanted a UAS-XG for steam caching

...was annoyed by the headlights of my Prius and I wanted a Ferrari so...


It’s holiday season, enjoy it!  Nice write up!

2 weeks ago

I'm waiting on the UAP-IW-HD and eventually also get the Gateway XG for when i get 2 x Fibre 1GB lines when available in my area 


The cloudkey Gen2 is GREAT alternative to the UAS-XG server if you just want a decent local controller.  Bonus will be unifi protect w/ local video storage once protect gets more mainstream and replaces unifi-video.  Here's my G2 cloudkey in the new rack mount accessory.  Certainly solves the "dangling cloudkey" issue!  Very nice setup you have BTW.






That is sweet , I am waiting for Gen2 plus with rack so I can make my UAS-XG just for steam cache