3 weeks ago

Only a few things I would change.

  1. I would have placed two 24-port switches instead of one 48-port. If one goes bad only half of the network will be down while you replace the bad unit. If the 48-port goes down the whole network goes down.
  2. Personally, I hate preloaded punch down blocks. You have to work them from behind which means if you add a line in the future you will have to take the punch down block out to add. I only use unloaded punch down blocks as you can easily add and troubleshoot lines in the future. 
  3. I would never place an AP in the data closet. Every wall you have to pass through will decrease your WiFi signal quality by half. The AC Pro and other UniFi AP's are best installed on the ceiling for the best signal strength.  

The wire work looks good, you have extra in the rack to work problems down the line. I do like a large loop of wire in the rack as I can always cut, but can never add. I did a similar rack layout and I have the extra loop making a full loop around the side of the case and into the punch down block.