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Thanks for the comments everyone. I do appreciate feed back on my work. It's a great way to improve my skills, and see how others would tackle the same project. 


Here is some more information that is lacking in the description and hard to tell from the pictures. 


1. I do prefer Keystone patch panels. However for this project I wanted to only use a 1U Patch panel. 48 port 1U Keystone patch panel is either none existend or double the cost. I like the one I chose though. It is a (N052-048-1U) Made by Tripp-Lite. The reason I like it is that it's modular. The top and the bottom separate from each other. Making it easier then most preloaded patch panels to work on. Is it as easy as a keystone patch panel to work on? No, but by leaving all the extra ports at the top module, and being an open frame rack, I felt this was good compromise. 


moduler 48 port patch.png


2. The Access point in the IT room. As I have 5 AP's in the building, and this one only services a small corner of the building I felt no need to ceiling mount this one. All the others are ceiling mounted throughout the building. The office uses I-pad's throughout the building and they have yet to find a slow or dead spot. If anything changes I will keep you posted. 


Wifi Layout.png


3. HA for switch's. I always debate this as I believe HA should be full fail over and not half fail over. I don't agree with half the network being up when a switch goes down. Plus it is kind of a crystal ball situation, will your critical systems be on the good or bad switch when one goes down. So I approach it this way, if a customer really needs HA then they can purchase true HA equipment. unfortunately Small business usually gets left in the dust when it comes to this due to cost. If anyone has a good solution for switch HA that does not break the bank for SMB then I am all ears.


Thanks Again for your feed back. Again I welcome any advice/feedback.