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Hello All,


I am currently renting a 500 Sq. Ft. Apartment. I watched a Linus Tech Tips video a while back where Luke set up his renters solution on a piece of MDF and I followed suit as I wanted the setup to be (relatively) clean and movable when I move out of this apartment and into a larger one. On that note pardon the mess, only so much you can do with a shared 500 Sq. Ft. 2 Bedroom.









A USG3 handles my 100/15 coax connection (not pictured, it is mounted directly to the wall behind my solution as I do not own it) just fine (I haven’t set up IPS yet, been waiting on getting a controller that runs 24/7).


A US-8-60W handles POE for my Cloud Key Gen 1, and AP. When my roommate and I get a larger apartment this upcoming summer I will likely add a US-24 to the mix. Hopefully moving my system into a rack.


UAP-AC-Lite provides far better wi-fi then I need for such a small area with my connection.


I ordered a Cloud Key Gen 1 that will be in tommorrow, I have the 3D printed mount as a placeholder until then. (Found on thingiverse and printed thanks to my gracious boss who has his personal printer at the office). I thought about going with a Pi based controller or Gen 2 but as the whole system is on a UPS and the Gen 2+ doesn’t yet have multiple VLAN support (not that I have cameras and a security VLAN yet, hopefully soon however) I was happy to use some amazon gift cards on the Gen 1.


Also pictured is a western digital 3TB NAS and a Wink Hub 2 for my smart home devices.


I currently have 4 networks running, Management, Full Access Data, Guest, and IOT.

Typical clients: 2-5 Computers, XBOX One, 5 Google Home/Chromecast’s, Handful of Cellphones


While I have stumbled in a couple places with configuration that went beyond what I knew (I’m overzealous) I have been nothing but pleased with this hardware.

Eventually my parents will hopefully get a better connection than the 4/0.5 Mb connection they have and I will 100% Install a full Unifi System for them.






To Do’s:

Remote User VPN



Dream To Do’s once I move into a house:

USG-4 with a 400/40 connection


Ubiquiti Cameras, NVR, Security VLAN

Additional UAP-AC-PROs or LRs

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Great setup for what you can do in that space! You really seem to be on a good pace for a fantastic network when you get a house! I wish I had a 3D printer, I would do the same type of things. That looks like a great little cradle for the CK Gen 1. I think I would go crazy in that small space though! Man Tongue

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It certainly is a small space! Comming from dorm and similar style apartments I am used to it thankfuly, but I am hoping to not be used to it for much longer! 

The cloud key mount can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3297801 I was very happy to find one that did not makew me use 3M style tape to mount it!.