on ‎01-31-2019 09:27 AM

The IPS isnt a NECESSITY for me but its something that I would like to have, Sadly I only have the options of 100, 400 or 980 mb via COAX in my location so if I were to upgrade either or both the USG and the Speeds Id have to accept the 150mb hit or not do it at all.


fteti Thanks! its a bit jank in places but its clean enough for my needs at the moment. the WD is mounted with the same screws I have used for everything else. I basically just made pinch points all around it locking it into place. There are a couple screws on the bottom lip just like the top one. Its not the ideal mounting solution but its cheap, reliable and easy to remove later on without having caused any harm, so it passes my standards for my personal gear.