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I second what others have posted about AP horizontal would be better. However I would have to counter the hit for IPS comment. My ISP connection is cable with 500/50 Mbps and I have. USG-Pro4 with IPS Enabled with most categories enabled (way more than default). Latest firmware updates have majorly improved the performance. I see a very minimal to no hit at all for IPS nor Smart Queues for that matter.


I hit consistent 460-510 range for downloads depending on my network load at the time of the test. For uploads I use Smart Queues capped at 40mbps (80% of my capcity of 50) and its normally 36-40 for uploads.


My network details:


  • 9 Unifi devices **1 is virtual but still counts :-)
    • Controller (Ubuntu 16.04.4 VM): 5.10.11 | USG4P: 4.4.37dev | 1 x US-24-250w | 1 x US-8-150w | 1 x US-8-60w: 4.0.21 | 4x UAP-AC-Pro-US: 4.0.21
  • ~ 60 clients (40 wlan/ 20 lan)
    • Multiple Desktop PC's, Windows laptops, Chromebooks, Android Tablets, Android phones,  Dell R710 server with multiple VMs (pi-hole, plex media server, open vpn gateway client, web server to name a few), Google Homes, Amazon Echos (mix of Gen1 Echos and Gen2 Dots), Chromecasts Gen2, Chromecast Audios, FireTV's, Harmony Hubs, Wink Smart Home hubs (most of my smart home devices like door locks, light switches, door sensors, window sensors, motion sensors, temp sensors, sirens are all Z-wave/zigbee controlled via the hubs), Wink Relays (basically wall mounted Android tablets running Wink Smart home app) multiple wireless cameras and NVR, Sprinkler controller, thermostat, energy bridge, Gaming consoles (PS3, PS4 etc.), networked audio receivers, Garage door controllers (Nexx Garage and Chamberlain MyQ), Rasberry Pi's, network printers and some other nameless devices.
    • 7 VLANs and 8 subnets (6 tagged, 1 core untagged for management) with many different firewall rules, and 1 built in L2TP IPSEC VPN on the USG)
      • Core management for Unifi devices
      • Trusted LAN (PC's, servers, printers, phones, tablets etc.)
      • Gaming
      • iOT
      • Voip
      • Guest
      • Cameras