My little slice of networking heaven!

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I recently entered the enterprise networking world via a promotion to a Network Engineer. I figured it was time to put my money where my mouth is and wire up my whole house. And what better product line to do with then Ubnt Unifi! Previously, I just had a consumer router with everything connected to WiFi on one SSID. Now I have a prosumer network with actual segmentation with firewall rules in tow. 


UBNT Equipment:


Unifi 16 Port PoE managed switch

Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus w/Rackmount Accessory

Unifi nanoHD AP

A couple of G3 Flex cams



300W UPS

24 port Cat6 patch panel

6U rack

500 feet of Cat6 riser cable(solid copper)

100 feet of coax 

Coax couplers, keystone jacks, wall plates, rack tray, and patch cables. 


Here are a few pics highlighting everything I did from start to finish. Enjoy! :-)


Ran 14/2 romex from a nearby outlet near this closet. This made everything clean and convienent for my rack. This is how it looks in it's final form.

1 - JRXDedz.jpg


 Tiny little guy, I tell ya!

2 - pcpeBIB.jpg



3 - 1JRztCl.jpg


I initially was going to install an IP cam system later, but the CK Plus being offered with NVR capability made my decision easy. I picked up a couple of G3 Flex cams and install/setup was a breeze. 

4 - Pl2KCd8.jpg



 This little guy is enough to blanket my 8600 sq. lot with ease!  

5 - s9JrwU6.jpg



6 - BpEpzc6.jpg


Drops coming into where rack was going to be installed. I was initially going to attach the rack to the studs, but figured it would be more convienent to take advantage of the closet's shelf.

14 - vZTKAmR.jpg



15 - FVioAKs.jpg


 Multi-tool made quick work of wall plate cutouts

16 - H2wMUhn.jpg


 Did 2-4 drops per room

17 - K6o8L52.jpg



18 - vkWevwx.jpg


Some cable management Man Happy

11 - kIJj1WU.jpg


I ran all of the wiring myself with the help of my lovely wife. I previously did a home theatre wiring project, so that experience helped me a lot. You're seeing all of the drops from one side of the house running across the vaulted living room trusses. Other then that, the rest of the wiring on both sides of the house was neatly hidden along the ceiling joists.

12 - u4iVGds.jpg


 Wiring running through ceiling down to patch panel

13 - KKrnkcL.jpg


 The nanoHD AP is super small! About the size of a dessert plate.

8 - 3J1wCHe.jpg


 I tested everything to make sure it would all play nice with one another. 

10 - ayppkbS.jpg



29RzyAu - Imgur.jpg



9 - fUvxej2.jpg



7 - ilp3iBj.jpg

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Hello no we know each other, I live in Italy and I do not know English.
I'm using a translator!
I should install a Cloudkey ubiquiti and a security gatewey but I can not find explanations in Italian, can you help me? I also have an 8-port 150w switch to connect everything to
1uvc g3 flex
1 uvc g3 micro
1 uvc g3
I leave you my email if you want to help me thanks
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Well, it looks great.  Good job!  I recently did something similar and replaced all my network equipment and added ubiquiti cameras with an NVR.. fun hobby, very expensive... Lol

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Just a quick tip those flex camera may want to be flipped so you don't get and weather/condensation buildup near the network jack/case vents. 


Looks slick!

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Jesse, I actually filled the ingress points with silicone. We've had several pretty good rainstorms since the install and I'm happy to report that the cams stayed dry. I initially put them top side up but this affected the FOV. 

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Nice! I thought about trying that but read up on some concerns regarding condensation drainage on the video fourms. I have a couple right side up without any coverage outdoors. Waiting see if they act up after some snow or a couple seasons. 



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Flip that cam around. I had a flex cam mounted that way and it got flooded and died during a big storm.  Lesson learned.


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mfischer79, were the ingress points on the cam filled with silicone? Mine are and we've seen several multi-hour rainstorms. Cams were bone dry every time. I broke out the ladder recently, umounted them and everything is g2g. Thanks for the concern though!

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Nice project! Great Work!

on ‎01-15-2019 01:27 PM

Looks good!  I am about to buy pretty much the exact same setup, and this is inspiring.  

on ‎01-15-2019 02:59 PM

I just  bought that Cloud Key 2 Plus today with the rackmount kit... I might need to see a counclor about my Ubuiquiti Addition.

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Wow! That Nano is small! Thank you for the size comparison. I'm now thinking of spending a little more for a smaller footprint of a device.


Also, very impressed on the cable runs. Great job on keeping it organzied and clean looking. I love everything about this build. Congrats!

3 weeks ago

Thanks for sharing these photos, it's very inspiring. I'm currently researching for my first UniFi home network setup and your setup is pretty much what I'm looking for. 

2 weeks ago

I would look into the mounting solutions that they have for the g3 flex.  The in ceiling mount I have used outside and it is great.  Would get the camera in the house and the pole mount would be good for the other outside camera but great install so far!

a week ago

How deep is your 6U rack?  Wondering how much clearance there is from the back of the UPS (which I think is the deepest) to the rear wall.  What is the minimum needed when you figure in the cords used to tie into the USP?

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Hi, the rack is 12 inches deep.

a week ago

What brand of cat6a cables would you recommend running through the house?

a week ago



I ran monoprice cable throughout. It's quality stuff for the money as its pure copper vs CCA. 



a week ago

Thanks @xealo . I am looking to run ethernet through my whole house as part of a rennovation and I'm not sure where to even start,


My house is roughly ~1600 sq ft, two story home. Should I be getting Cat6 or Cat6A cables? And is UTP okay? I've seen other options like FTP? Is that something entirely different?


Monoprice Cat6 @ Amazon

Monoprice Cat6A @ Amazon


a week ago



Cat6A is rated for 10 Gbps up to distances of 100 meters and frequencies up 500mhz. Cat6 can do 10Gbps up to 37 meters. FTP cabling is shielded with foil whilst UTP is not hence the U standing for "unshielded". 


I went with Cat6, the first link in your post, because I don't have distances that are in excess of 120 feet. If you do, then it may be wise to go with Cat6A for future 10Gbps equipment. Good luck!