Fishing Resort Mesh Install

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 This is a fishing resort in Lousiana with a mixture of guest areas from wood cabins, metal sided rooms to RV spots. Total guest max during busy trounment and such could be upwards of 100. I am a little concerned about the RV parking across the road. I am able to get 40Mpbs from there with a -63db uplink but I am seeing a lot of retransmissions. I would have probably used a little different gear but they wanted to keep the cost to a min. I used an USG 3P, AP Lite and 5 Mesh units. I may add one more Mesh to close gap from across the street if required.


This is my frist Mesh setup using Ubi so any suggestions are very welcome.


I decided to use 5Ghz for Meshing except I am allowing the RV park across the road to use 2.4 (need to verify it is actually using 2.4). I created a guest network with captive portal and only allow 2.4 to attach. The resort has Roku (yuck) TVs in 11 rooms attached to 5Ghz.



Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 6.16.39 PM.pngHeatmap (usable range is actually farther than shown)



I know this isn't the cleanest and I do plan on cleaning up some when I get back there.


IMG_3757.JPGWill be cleaned up a little. Man Happy



I'm waiting on the power box to be relocated so I can plug in pavilion but did run extension cord to setup and do a couple days of testing. I was actually able to get 25Mbps out at the end of the peer. All cracks and holes are sealed with silicon.

IMG_3759.JPGPavilion Mounted (all openings sealed)


Mesh unit monted on top of pavilion. See where the electrician put the box I requested? He's coming to move it for, duh. 


IMG_3760.JPGMesh on Pavilion



Mesh unit mounted outside of 6 rooms with siding. It took me two Mesh units to cover all the room with strong signal plus plarking lot.

IMG_3513.JPGMesh Mounted outside rooms


This bldg isn't on aerial map but it is about 23' and sits in middle of resort. I used the AP lite (sealed). Notice Mimosa C5 shooting 150Mbps shot to LOS water tower.

IMG_3517.JPGAP Outside Bar (sealed) See Mimosa 150Mpbs Backhaul

Outside view of 6 room bldg.

IMG_3518.JPG6 rooms running Roku TVs





{"location":{"title":"4269 State Rte 568, Ferriday, LA 71334, USA","placeId":"ChIJp3CryLxeL4YRR2YbLjotFuE"},"addedProducts":[{"id":"unifi-ac-lite","count":1},{"id":"unifi-ac-mesh-ap","count":5},{"id":"unifi-security-gateway","count":1}],"solved":"","numbers":"","description":"","mainImage":"190851i41FAF3C160FD8A09"}

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Great job! Especially if you say its your first time with the MESH products. The PoE adapter sitting outside, could be a problem with moisture. I would try to put that inside. If it can't, maybe a small outdoor enclosure? Those PoE adapters are not designed to be out in the weather elements. Also, the more hops you have between your client device and the router, its going to cause a lot more drop in speed. So if you add another Mesh device to help out the furtherest away speeds, you could end up losing a lot more due to that hop. 


You could buy some point to point devices, such as Nanostations. I believe they are about $80 a peice and can do up to 450mbps. This would stop the hopping and give much more speed and probably a little better latency between that furthest point and your router. 

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Yes I was a little concerned with putting the POE outside under pavilion. In the short term I fully sealed every opening or crack with silicon. I will probably go back and add a box if I can find a Lowes close to deliverence land. Man Happy


As for adding another mesh to boost coverage to the RV Parking area, I agree adding too many hops will reduce overall speed of Mesh, on that leg anyway. I had a couple of nanostations with me and did almost add them to bridge but when I got 40 down on my phone and had Unifi reporting over a 100 capable I decided to not add them and see what happens. I am extremely concerned about the amount of retransmission I'm seeing from the RV parking mesh unit at the moment with very little utilization. I have to go back in a couple of weeks to add some Air Prisms to service some long shots at the end of the lake and will add one more mesh and see if it makes a difference. I can always change around how they uplink. I've already cleaned up some by changing the uplinking shown in the aerial photo above. The real test will come in about 6 weeks when they start to get really busy and I can see more traffic.


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I have used UBNT a lot and have previously used NSM5s point to multipoint to connect my radios and Rocket and NanoStation 2.4 for client access. Considering using Mesh for the first time because of added ac channels. What do you guys think about using Mesh UniFi in a small RV park 40 spaces.


Just remember the height of the RV's when placing UAP-AC-M units.    Also note that this isn't a 'true' mesh, it's WDS bridges that are somewhat dynamically managed.   You need to keep a clean, high capacity path back to the head-end and then set those links manualy if you want the best performance, else the mesh can send packets in unusual directions.


I very much prefer to do an airmax or wired backbone and then hang UAP-AC-M units off that and keep the hops <=2 to keep performance manageable.