4 weeks ago

Yes I was a little concerned with putting the POE outside under pavilion. In the short term I fully sealed every opening or crack with silicon. I will probably go back and add a box if I can find a Lowes close to deliverence land. Man Happy


As for adding another mesh to boost coverage to the RV Parking area, I agree adding too many hops will reduce overall speed of Mesh, on that leg anyway. I had a couple of nanostations with me and did almost add them to bridge but when I got 40 down on my phone and had Unifi reporting over a 100 capable I decided to not add them and see what happens. I am extremely concerned about the amount of retransmission I'm seeing from the RV parking mesh unit at the moment with very little utilization. I have to go back in a couple of weeks to add some Air Prisms to service some long shots at the end of the lake and will add one more mesh and see if it makes a difference. I can always change around how they uplink. I've already cleaned up some by changing the uplinking shown in the aerial photo above. The real test will come in about 6 weeks when they start to get really busy and I can see more traffic.