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@Bellows - Thanks, someone has to do it, like the shining city on a hill...


@cardins2u - Right now I have between 140-150 clients on the network at an "average" time.  I haven't finished my home automation though.  10G might be a bit overkill for my current needs, but I figured it this way.  I wanted to have really good throughput between my servers and my desktops as I fill out my Plex library, and this let's me copy an HD movie in about 1-3 minutes instead of 15.  It also allowed me to learn about fiber and SFP+, which I have some responsibility for at work but don't get to really "do", so that's a plus.  Also, I needed to make sure the core network can handle the traffice.  I have 16 HD cameras on my network, and although I put them in their own VLAN (to the NVR), for me to access them they have to talk to another VLAN, and in UBNT gear that means it has to go to the router, so I wanted to leave plenty of overhead for the other traffic.  Plus, I plan on living here for a long time, so I was trying to future proof.  I ran OM4, which can do 40/100G later.

clients.jpg150 clients typical