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@demonmaestro I love the Amps, they're expensive, and they're not getting Airplay2 (at least the classic version, the new ones might), so I picked up some second hand on eBay to get a little savings, but I think it's a really good way (maybe the 'right way' even) to do whole-house audio, at least for me.  They allow for each room to be a zone, and any device (iOS/Mac/whatever) to adjust the source, volume, group and ungroup into as many unique groups as you want.   So, the basement units could all be playing music, and I could have the first floor on the Superbowl from my Tivo (they have optical out, which I route to a TOSLINK to RCA converter to the RCA input of the Amps).  I have a hardwired volume knob in each room in case someone gets punky with the volume control in another part of the house as well.  The grouping feature works really well, and keeps the sound very well sync'ed.  I have another set of 4 from the "existing" part of the house in a separate room from the remodel, so I get pretty full coverage.


@ACarneiro I like the USG, it has multiple WAN input, but I haven't gotten that to fully work in the versions I'm running (5.8.30 and firmware 4.4.29 - I'm a little leary of both upgrades to 5.9 and 5.10 based on folk's feedback and how rare the XG-8 is still).  I can't seem to get dyndns to work on both WAN ports if you try to use the same provider for both, and although WAN2 does fail over to the cable backup, it does not properly reroute my incoming port forward rules.  I assume it will come, and other than that I'm pretty happy.  Setting it up was a chore early on but they've dealt with most of that.


@BrianAker They're together because I think it's a cleaner install.  Yes, all of the 4 wire audio cables from the indivdiual room volume controls are routed to a patch panel on the wall, and then to the racks.  I also have an RCA cable from a TOSLINK/optical for each from Tivos around the house so I can feed TV audio to the in ceiling speakers for like Superbowl or World Series/Olympics parties.  This keeps me from having to have a separate "audio closet" around the house with power/AC/networking for the Sonos'.


I probably haven't thought about grounding as much as I should, but I have Belden 6a cable throughout, and the patches are 6a with grounding straps and the racks have grounding straps as well.  I installed 8 new circuits into a subpanel to power the data center, so I can ground to that common location, and both incoming WANs are connected to APC PNET1GB isolators for surge protection, and everyting in the rack is fed from one of several CyberPower 1500VA UPS/surge protectors.  If there's more I should consider I would be interested in your thoughts.  Right now I don't think the network gear or wire is limiting me on speed, I think my computers are.  On iPerf3 I get a bit under 7Gbps on my SSD based MacOS devices, and my QNAP NAS accepts transfers at about 250MBps, but even copying a movie to it saturates it about 1/2 through and it drops to aboue 120MBps sustained (it as 10GB Seagate Iron Wolf Pro NAS drives, so they're good quality, but not particularly fast).  On the POE, although I can drive a lot of power, I'm not really.  I have 6 US-8 switches, and I'll have 8 AC-HD access points, one POE Ring doorbell and 9 UVC POE cameras, I'm powering the Micros locally.