on ‎02-06-2019 11:24 AM

@demonmaestro I think a lot of is, but not Cincinnati Bell.  There isn't really a "modem", it's an ONT (Optical Network Interface) that converts from GPON to Ethernet, and yes, if you look at the Wiki, that's the Alcatel-Lucent box, and its theirs.  They mount them outside now, so they can service or replace them without getting access to the house, or having someone bend the optic, and just punch the Ethernet and a small power wire through the exterior.  I have that on my outside wall, along with the cable modem, the surge isolator, and a small UPS.  I think I didn't post pictures of that, but I will. 


But unfortunately 1G/250M is the top tier offering.  Once the WAN2 fail-over works fully/properly I'll upgrade my cable to the top 300M/60M offering there as well, right now I just have 100M/5M with them.  There's talk of a 1G cable offering too, but I don't think I'm eligble either, and they don't do the highspeed upstream.  I think 60M is their best.