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@AviHD On the OM4, I really like the armored type in the wall, much more durable.  I got pre-terminated lengths that were pretty close to my needs so I wouldn't have to mess with the (very expensive) terminating tools.  I looked at the "composite" cable first, with a couple of Ethernet, a couple of fiber, maybe coax too, but you always end up with the wrong number of cables, and I couldn't find any with 6a Ethernet and OM4.


I use Macs for my desktops (which have pretty vanilla SSDs), so they don't have regular PCI slots, pushing me to look at NICs that were Thunderbolt comatible.  I'm sure some of them just have Intel PCI cards inside, but it's not always clear what you're really getting.  There may be others, but the only ones that I really found that fit the bill were the Akito Thudner 2 and the Sonnet Twin10G (links below).  Honestly, I tried the Akitio first, because it didn't require a power connection and was smaller/cleaner to install (and cheaper), even though it only has one 10G port.  But, I couldn't get the speed through it.  I filed bug reports and actually got some responses from them, but nothing was able to get me even moderately acceptable speeds.  So, I returned those and got the Sonnets, and have been pretty happy even though they're big and have a power brick.


I don't run Windows, except my work laptop which I don't do support for, so I don't really have thoughts there.  I got my Dell Rx20's from Orange Computer, and I have not had any driver issues with those.  I'm running Proxmox, which is basically Debian as I understand it, and FreeNAS and aside from getting one dead card (no lights) on my first order haven't had any issues, and they're all generic Broadcom cards.  The QNAP has SFP+, but honestly that machine has been a disappointment from a performance standpoint from day one.  I used to run Plex and Nextcloud on it, but it just wasn't up to the task (it as a Core i7 and 32GB of ram), and even the raw drive throughput is less than I'd hope for.  Long term I'll probably continue to build out FreeNAS storage on 720XD units and retire that QNAP.


And no, all of my tests to date have just been generic iperf3 to/from my Macs, just to make sure I was getting "much better than 1G" speeds, I haven't spent any time tweaking that at all, trying jumbo frame or anything.  I haven't even tried iperf to me VMs yet.  The data center is part of a bigger renovation of the new house, so there's a lot going on and that just hasn't bubbled to the top yet.