on ‎02-08-2019 07:13 AM

@Aldiallo-Ubt Well, no, not really, if I replace the QNAP I'll just go with a 'real' server at this point. 


I'd looked at QNAP and Synology because they provided a "friendlier" management interface on sort of commodity hardware, with good storage sizes.  I'd considered both QNAP and Synology at the time, and they both had pluses and minuses, and maybe Synology would've been a better choice, but the Dell rack hardware I'm now familiar with is so much more powerful, and now that I have experience with FreeNAS and Proxmox, I would personally go that route.  Maybe Synology would've been better, but none of the reviews I saw said there were any significant performance differences between the two, it was mostly the interface, openess, flexibililty, etc.