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@FlyHappy ##Yea, not exactly, the idea is that I would link aggreagate them into a single 20G link to a local distribution switch.  LAG does double the overall pipe to the core switch, but a single stream cannot use both links, but if I have a local PC with a 10G NIC it could use 1/2 of LAG uplink, and the rest of the local users (printers, Tivo, Apple TV, etc.) can share the other 10G link.  Also, it does provide redudancy to that switch so that if either link goes down or is broken, the switch still has a 10G link to the core.


So, since the offices are the places where I'm likely to have 10G capable computers, and the latency is lower on fiber versus copper, I've allowed for these fiber links, the rest of the house is just Cat 6a copper.  I also ran dual copper to the offices, and right now have the computers connected to 1 and a 1G copper (US-8 typically) switch for the rest of the users as the Unifi 10G switches are still relatively expensive.