on ‎02-12-2019 05:31 AM

@jasonb113083 No worries, and thanks for the thoughts on diagramming.


Sound proofing - that room is kind of unique in that it's in a basement hallway that leads to a garage, so it has mostly to exterior walls that are inuslated and bricked, then one short end is the garage, the other end is a closet, and above is a hallway.  So, there's not much to be bothered by the noise, but yes, the main door side and all of that assoicated wall was fully insulated, mostly since it's conditioned to a different temperature, and an exterior grade door was installed, so I don't note any noise when outside the room.  The servers are quite loud when booting, but I have to say that once running, at least at the temps I keep the room at (mid 60's F) the fans don't run really fast/loud.


On the WAN, there are a couple of things.  First, I think I mentioned elsewhere that the current cable download is quite a bit less than the Fiber (200M versus 1,000M), but the main reasons are:

  1. The router doesn't (at least for me, I'm open to the possiblity I'm doing it wrong, but I believe it's a documented bug) doesn't properly handle port forwarding for the servers I host on WAN2
  2. The upload speed on cable is 5M versus 250M on the fiber, and so the cable is not suitable for Plex or some of my other important services outbound

My current cable offering is basically "free" - my family wanted CATV so the internet is in the "package".  When I can get the failover working properly I'll pursue their 1G offering, but the upload on that is still weak, the Cable Company really thinks people only consume data.




Note:  to be fair, there seems to be some documentation here on how to properly configure WAN2 that I hadn't seen yet (looks like it was published a couple of weeks ago), so I will try this later.  But the point on the crappy cable upload speeds stands on why I don't load balance versus fail-over.  If the fiber is available, I want to use it.  If I could figure out how to load balance only the download side, I might try that.