2 weeks ago

The supplied AT&T Gigapower router used to sit in-between the ONT & the USG. It is required to establsh a connection to the AT&T network. There are a few problems with it though:

  • It does not have a true bridge mode – at its most permissive settings it's still doing a bunch of stuff (looking for any telephony on the network, blocking, etc.)
  • It's big & is not wall-mountable. I had it in various spots over the last two years & was not happy with any of them

So the workaround is to utilize a switch that can do an 802.1Q VLAN. You plug in the AT&T router to it, let it start up & establish the connection – after that you can unplug it & put it in storage. The USG is set to clone the MAC address of the AT&T router, and when you plug it in to the switch, the AT&T network says "ok, I know you", and it doesn't need to establish the connection again. The "downside" to this is that if the switch loses power, you need to do this little dance again, but that's what the APC is for. Otherwise, now the USG is the only router on my network & I can be sure that any weird things that happen are the result of something I did, not AT&T.