Small local council in Chile

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The instalation was done in a small council in San Clemente Chile, which is located at the feet of the andes in the seventh region.

As the asesor for the past ten years for this council, we have used constantly Ubiquiti products, the first ones were the wifi chipset located inside the Netkrom equipment.


Our experience has been very positive and we are very happy with the implementacion thatwas just finished now in January. The only issues that we encounteres were due to cabling being out of norm, as they were done by technichans.


We are running a few vlans and ssids to seperate traffic and we have open access WiFi in all our departments, we have an average daily load of 475 users.


We will be implementing fiber conections in the next few months and during the year we will be implementing a city wide mesh network, consisting of over a 120 Mesh Pro antenas and other ubiquiti elements.











{"location":{"title":"Carlos Silva Reinard, San Clemente, Región del Maule, Chile","placeId":"ChIJJ9IMA9GVZZYRGoWCtwf9r9E"},"addedProducts":[{"id":"unifi-switch-24","count":6},{"id":"unifi-switch-48","count":6},{"id":"unifi-switch-8-beta","count":11},{"id":"unifi-security-gateway-pro","count":1},{"id":"inwall-ap","count":14},{"id":"unifi-ap-pro","count":10},{"id":"unifi-ac-lite","count":9},{"id":"unifi-cloud-key","count":1}],"solved":"","numbers":"","description":"","mainImage":"193213i6AB05E2C87CAC9CB"}

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Congrats!! and you need tried with 0.5 ft cat6 cables, and say bye to cable organizers Man Wink


greetings from Chile!


Not to be overly political, but Corporate America will barely provide high speed internet to rural parts of America and you're putting in a mesh network in the foothills in Chile.  Awesome job! 


Thanks about the advice of the short cables, I have noticed that this is a more suitable option to keep things clean.

The mesh network will work with three 1 Gig conexions provided by fibre cable in a load balance configuration. Chile is one of the most advanced countries in south america in relation to telecomunications. We are not as advanced as first world countries but we try. Man Happy