on ‎03-30-2019 10:23 PM

I can't argue that 'water resistance' are words easily claimed by 3rd party products.

Neither can't be argued that Ubiquiti builds on years of experience with enclosure design.


We have plenty of early UAP-AC-M units in extreme outdoor conditions, baking away under very harsh sun rays which burns your skin in a few minutes.  During the rain season it's getting its weekly wash by torrent rain and wind, conditions where you even can't hear the person if he were shouting directly in your ear. 


Standard antennae get a bit brittle after a few years, but not a single unit shows corrosion on the RMA connectors and not a single one has a drop of moisture getting in.


I agree your solution with the UMA-D looks slick and does its job, but for installation with just the standard omnis, I won't spend too much efforts myself.