My new home network.

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My new home network. Dual WAN on the USG has been working just fine once I tweeked a few settings on it. Two PPPoE connections, had to SSH in and enable all the sticky commands for load balance. In the controller I set MSS clamping to custom at 1452. That stopped the alterts of PPPoE connections transisoning. Cable Management is next up on the list.


Switch and cloud key will all go where the USG is at. NanoAP will be mounted in the hallway, in wall AP will go in my office to cover a few weak spots around there, and can connect my desktop to ethernet.


It's all a very basic network for what I need at home. Bit overkill but I like the control I can have over the network if I need it.IMG_20190326_164221.jpg








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Nice, this is a very similar hardware configuration that I am looking to add to my house.  I have a question for you does the Wall-Plate allow for WiFi connection to the network or do they only support ethernet connection?  I have a room that is hard to get a drop put in and currently I get decent WiFi mesh extension from box placed in the corner of the room that provides much greater signal in that room for any devices.  Thank in advance!

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The in wall is PoE only, so would need to run some cable. It does have PoE out and non-PoE ports on the bottom of it as well, so you can plug in once it mounted if you wanted to.

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homer907, thanks for the fast reply!

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Nice set up.  I have something similar.  1 USG, 1 UAP-AC-PRO, 2 Switch 8 60W and I run the Unifi software on a Raspberry Pi.


Extremely happy with the setup.  I've been using the AP for about a year and just the other day connected up the switches and USG. 


Plan to add another AP down the hill so I can listen to Pandora without using my cell data.  Just have to figure that one out.

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Nice set up.

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Wow..nice setup..i have something similar kind of setup,just a change in router setup...All the best with this new setup.Stay blessed my kfc experience

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Nice job. I am of the same school in that I would like to have a wired system versus the belove mesh system that is taking over the home wi-fi world. 

My question on the need for the InWall AP. Is your location that removed from the ceiling mount AP that you needed the InWall? 


My current system is an 8 year old Netgear 900 wifi router coupled with an Engenius ceiling mount AP. It's old and time to go.


How involved is programming?





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