on ‎04-17-2019 01:02 PM

@kerplunk Thanks, It's the one thing that I am heavily against is ripping off schools. I don't begrudge people making a living, but schools deserve to not be ripped off either.




How does anyone filter something? With a filter system. Be it something small and simple like a p-hole, or blacklisting pages using  something like pfsense, or hell  even using opendns. There's a multitude of ways and means.


And limits on the broadband, well you can set in the  controller an upper speed in the configuration page. 

Everything you've asked is fairly clearly laid out  in the manual and FAQ. Give them a read.


@chunte_actonkl So, you want seperate filter systems for say the student wifi and the staff wifi? Easy. Seperate vlans, have the one for students have a full on filter system, and have a different one for the staff. Easy enough to do with time and effort.


@Scanstation Nope, works fine on a single cloud key with zero issues. Down the line may upgrade, but working to smaller budgets, you do the best you can.