on ‎04-17-2019 01:49 PM


I've bought expensive devices that should this function has. Other cheaper devices has this fucntion. basic TPlink for example. so i dont want to use third part solution to make my requierements.
Plese read FAQ by yourself and my question TOO.
Please send me a screen of setiings broandbadn section limit speed.
Because if you mean limit for group and WLAN so this is no Broandband limit.
When you set this limits you network speed will be limited too. for example when I want to upload or download from NAS in local network transfer will be limited too by this settings.
I want to transfer files in my local network by full speed but when i want to upload or download files from internet i want use this limits.

ANd what for cable (not wifi) )user? how i should limit cable connected users?
basic tplink has this option

Please next time read carefully and than answer