Carwinley Romantic Retreat

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aerial view.pngArial View of the site


IMG_7486.JPGCarwinley Romantic Retreat


IMG_7495.JPGThe Cottage - Close to the outdoor-pro AP but because of the think sandstone walls, we added a point to point link using PowerStation AC Loco's


IMG_7498.JPGAn external cat5e was ran from the router to the outdoor pro AP, the secondary port was then used to extend further around the building then into a cinema room where we installed an AP AC-lite. Due to the thick sandstone walls , this room had no WiFi signal from the neighboring rooms


main point plus backbone - outside the cinema room.JPGWe had planned on fitting one of the universal mounting arms, on this building, but found that the existing weather vane was more in keeping with the aesthetics


pool table room.jpegThis UAP-AC-Pro meshes to the UAP-Outdoor-Pro to provide coverage for the building below which again is surrounded by sandstone walls. Fortunately the first floor was timber, so we were able to mesh to the existing point in order to boost it downstairs


reflection house.JPGThis building is called "Refection" for obvious reasons. It is covered it mirrors which makes it blend into its surroundings. Unfortunately, it also scatters WiFi signals. Another PowerStatrion AC PtmP link back to the main building ensures a strong signal which is then run via cable to an AC-Lite inside of the building


unifi.JPGAll of the Unifi equipment is managed via our hosted Unifi server


unms.JPGAll AirMax products are managed via our hosted UNMS portal

Integrity IT were asked to deliver WiFi to all of the accommodation on the Retreat, which is a mixture of small sandstone cottages, timber lodges and a caravan called "Reflection" which is covered in mirrors which makes it blend into its surroundings.

External cat5e cable was run from the main house (made of sandstone) to a PowerStation-AC Nano and also to a Unifi Outdoor-Pro AP mounted to the existing weather vane, which covers the timber buildings near the main building.

The Outdoor-Pro also connects via mesh to an AP-AC-PRO in an adjacent building called "The Heronry". The bottom half of the building is sandstone and the top half is timber, so we installed the UAP-AP-PRO on the first floor to mesh to the Outdoor-Pro in order to boost the signal beyond the sandstone walls.

A PowerStation AC Nano was mounted on the same pole as the Outdoor-Pro in order to provide a PTmP link to the adjacent cottage which had think sandstone walls and to Reflection. External cat5e cable was then run from the Nano on the outside of each ofthose buildings to an AC-Lite inside. We discussed the idea of using full sized PowerStations with PoE PassThru, but it was decided that the smaller footprint of the Nano was more aesthetically pleasing.

We're particularly pleased with the installation to Reflection. Because of the construction materials used, it was difficult to run any cables around the exterior of the building, so the external Cat5 cable from the Nano runs down, inside of the drainpipe, then underneath the structure and up though the floor, to the PoE injectors and AC-Lite AP

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Very cool!  Thanks for sharing.  Reminds me of some of the campgrounds we've done here in the states.


on ‎04-05-2019 01:32 PM

It seems like a nice place to relax and retreat.


Have you considered lowering some of these bright white radios

a tad and perhaps painting them in a color to match the stone?   Dave

on ‎04-05-2019 01:44 PM

Hi Dave,

Yes, as it happens, we're looking at some black paint for the weather vane and something to blend with the sandstone on the other buildings.  Just doing some research into it so that the paint doesnt interfere with the signal.

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If you mount those big shapes on the wall instead of

the shaft of that beautiful weathervane and paint them

to match the rock texture, they will almost disappear.


Krylon sells a spray paint that is formulated for plastic.  Dave

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The trouble is, we need that height. 

If you look at the overhead shot, theres a building we need to get the signal over the top off, becasue another bulding is currently being built behind it that we'll need to get the siganl to, so it's either the weather vane or a pole mount (which would look aweful).


Thanks for the Krylon suggestion.  I'll look into that.