Unifi Video Install at a Marina

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Nearly finished install at a Marina, using 14 NanoBeam AC Gen2s as wireless bridges to each tower, and EdgeSwitch 8s for switching on each tower & building.


Its been a fairly straighforward install across the site, with 20 UVC G3 cameras, 10 G3 Pro & 5 G3 Domes. all recording and controlled from a brand new UAS-XG server with 2 12TB Iron Wolf Pro drives in RAID 0 for a total of around 22TB of space, as the footage is not vastly important if a drive failiure occours.


Using the G3 Pro cameras on this project for the first time, i was supprised how wide of an image the produce compared to the standard G3.


There are 2 onsite systems that can access directly, all other access is via the cloud. One system is for night security, the other consists of 3 27" screens and 3 Raspberry Pi 3 B+ systems running 9 RTSP feeds each which work great. (The old system needs removing and the desk needs tidying)




IMG_1225.jpgRas Pi


IMG_1226.jpgRas Pi


Unifi Video.jpgUnifi Video


IMG_1147.jpgNorth Tower


IMG_1148.jpgSouth Tower


IMG_1149.jpgSouth tower


IMG_1150.jpgMain Entrance


IMG_1155.jpgMain Entrance


IMG_1175.jpgBridge Tower




IMG_1194.jpgServer Rack Build in progress


IMG_1199.jpgServer rack, build near complete


IMG_1202.jpgSystem complete and online





{"location":{"title":"Lockside Cottage, 2 Barton Turn, Barton-under-Needwood, Burton-on-Trent DE13 8EA, UK","placeId":"ChIJvV-X4rMGekgRm5qz0t0b-kg"},"addedProducts":[{"id":"unifi-video-camera-g3-dome","count":5},{"id":"unifi-video-camera-g3","count":20},{"id":"unifi-video-g3-pro-camera","count":10}],"solved":"","numbers":"","description":"","mainImage":"167360i29003131F0706548"}

on ‎07-26-2018 11:54 AM

wow thats alot of cameras and a sweet setup thanks for sharing. Gives me some ideas


on ‎07-26-2018 12:04 PM

No problem,


it it was interesting seeing what the NanoBeams van actually do.


The previous system I installed runs on a custom windows sever with 48TB in raid 10, soon to be 96TB raid 10 with 90+ cameras.


on ‎07-27-2018 05:42 AM

nice setup how did you get the 3 monitors to split video 





on ‎07-28-2018 06:35 AM

Nice looking work!


What Pi solution did you use for the RTSP?


And I'm curious, why the huge amount of storage if "the footage is not vastly important"?  Seems like the reason for having such a deep history is that there might be something important in there.

on ‎07-28-2018 06:47 AM



I’m still working on the PIs as there are issues when the cameras drop out and reconnect etc, with the screens starting to strobe. I’ve had multiple PIs set up before this project and they are fairly stable, however it seems that the crontab job causing the flickering upon reconnecting the feed. Hoping once my dev Pi turns up I’ll be able to work on a new solution. 


Historically I’ve had issue with storage ranges and I’ve put the buffer in there just in case, but in 4 days with the system recording at medium on most cameras I’ve used 1TB of space. Also, UV software doesn’t always clear the files off the system and uses a lot of storage that cannot be recovered without clearing all the disk space out, however one system I’ve installed uses 70 cameras currently with the plans to put more in with 3 weeks of footage and that system full currently with 30TB of usable storage. 


There are also plans with this system to expand the system further which is another reason for the extra storage.



on ‎07-28-2018 06:56 AM

Hi awireless, 


Each screen has its own Pi device and using displaycameras & omxplayer to display the feeds



on ‎07-31-2018 05:23 AM

I have the same type of setup[ that a client wants can you help me with the setup of the omx player for the screens


on ‎07-31-2018 07:04 PM

Lovely install and interesting area!


Those G3 Pros through brick are a favorite.


Did you erect the tower or was it already there?

on ‎08-05-2018 04:01 AM

@sparrowinsight 5 of the 8 towers were already installed on a previous cctv installation, we took all the old kit off and put new on and installed a couple of poles around site for extra.


Those G3 Pros took some getting in through that wall Lol it was about 2 foot thick and had to go at an angle down. 



on ‎08-25-2018 11:09 AM

@stevo0601 - which pi software setup are you using?  I've been using rpisurv with TCP RTSP streams and haven't had any issues with video cutting out or flickering etc etc.  Much better than the 'screen' based scripts.

on ‎08-25-2018 11:15 AM

@rebelwireless Im using the OG version of the RTSP Streaming from



I have spent lots of time with the OG version and tweaked settings to my prefrence however i do struggle with the crontab jobs causing flickering and instabilitiy.


I have purchased another Pi 3 B+ for testing the new version of code on the above page but hit a stumbling block with the files not downloading properly ect and not having much time. 

on ‎08-25-2018 11:17 AM

@stevo0601 just give rpsiurv a shot.  I think you will be impressed at it's stability.

on ‎09-05-2018 01:38 AM

Wow !!! that looks like a great PtP & UNIFI Video install......


I've sold and advised the Nanobeams on a lot of deployments and they have always been very solid.


If you ever want to use a single basestation to multiple Nanobeams then please let me recommend the LITEBEAM.


It's a great product and offers up to a 120 degree antenna beamwidth.


If you ever want to get hold of me to discuss a deployment then by all means send me an email: markbartlett@alltrade.co.uk



on ‎09-09-2018 09:09 AM

Great setup!


Curious what access point you used with the Nanobeams?


I have just done my first UniFi video install across two buildings with two NanoStation AC Locos as the bridge but I am interested in your choice of kit for the Point to MultiPoint setup.



on ‎09-09-2018 09:55 AM





I used NanoBeam AC Gen2s on both sides of the connection. I didn’t use any multipoint links as I wanted as much bandwidth dedicated to each tower connection as possible. 


I did toy toy with the idea of using some Rocket series products to do a full 360 of signal around the site but it was coming out roughly about the same price as just nanobeams with less network bandwidth available and I’d still have to put more connections in due do buildings being in the way of the line of sight.



2 weeks ago

Hi Steve,


I actually have a related question because I’m currently looking to do something very similar,  but I just need a pair of cameras.  Did all the poles with the Nano beams have power?  My problem stems from no power at the location.  I am looking to post 2 cameras on a dock, but the dock is about 300 yards from a house and I can’t trench or dig power out there.  I’ve started looking into a solar panel/battery combo that I can store on the dock to run the cameras, but just curious if you had a similar issue with any of these locations.

2 weeks ago

Thanks @EricE!  That’s actually very similar to what I was thinking.  I just need to come up with a solar kit.  The tycon stuff is fairly pricy for what it is.  Thanks for the share!

a week ago

Nice work